Hitting the Stage: Brecht, Liza and Dancing Monsters

06/23/2009 5:00 PM |

8700/1245785841-caucasianchalkcircle.jpgA new adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle (pictured) set in the present amidst a group of squatters living in an unfinished luxury condo building at the Chocolate Factory, continues through July 11.

Ethan Keene’s new play Clean Sheets, about a man tumbling through the dream-filled depths of his own subconscious and encountering mythic figures and strange beast (with ample use of masks, music and puppets), at the Vintage Loft through June 27.

Darling, Sam Kim’s new play looking at the daily lives of cannibals, murderers and psychopaths through the lens of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s horrifying family dynamics (with some dancing for good measure), at PS 122 through June 28.

The week-long festival of plays by Liza Lentini LIZAFEST! opens tomorrow and continues through Sunday at Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

Theater Festivals: Summer theater fest season is in full swing, with three ending this week and another continuing through the end of next week. In Midtown the massive Latino arts and culture celebration TeatroStageFest ends on Sunday as does the green-themed Planet Connections Theater Festivity down in the East Village, and Clubbed Thumb’s Summerworks 2009 at the Ohio Theater closes Saturday. In Williamsburg, The Brick’s Anti-Depressant Festival of new works to bolster your spirits continues through July 4.

(photo credit: Performance Lab 115)