None of These Kids Have Even Been Published in the New Yorker Yet

06/23/2009 12:00 PM |

3b9b/1245772724-nyc_prep.jpgConsidering we’re in the midst of the summer programming doldrums, there’s been an awful lot of good television of late. Season two of True Blood is in full swing; Nurse Jackie is off to a promising start; and Jon & Kate are getting divorced, but that one kid with the glasses is still totally awesome. Now tonight, we get the series premier of NYC Prep, a reality show inspired by the success of Gossip Girl. It follows the lives of six well-off teenagers at the city’s most exclusive schools, as they wander the streets unsupervised, buying shit you will never be able to afford, trying to get into college of their choice, and just generally behaving like brats. But after catching a few minutes of a preview special this past weekend, what’s most striking about the whole thing is that despite all their money and access, they’re basically just like any run of the mill middle-class teenager: awkward, obnoxious, and completely unsure of themselves (albeit in subtler ways than most)—which is to say they’re absolutely nothing like Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate or even stupid Vanessa. I don’t know if this makes them more appealing or less appealing, but I will certainly be tuning in to Bravo at 9pm to find out.