Summer Preview

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06/10/2009 4:01 AM |

Summer is meant to be a time of relaxation, of taking it easy on yourself… drinking beer, sleeping late, catching up on your Dean Koontz… STOP! You live in New York City, and you have no business taking a break from seeing really cool shit each and every day. Summer in New York is not a time to let your brain go to mush, it’s a time to take advantage of literally thousands of deeply important and seriously entertaining artforms: from the most frivolous outdoor screenings (we’re looking at you, Bring It On) to thought-provoking theater (Fringe Festival anyone?). Ok, sure, some of the great outdoor music series are actually pretty good times for drinking beer and letting your brain go to mush, but please, at least try to make it to one of the great museum art shows this summer. For us…

Summer Art Preview: While it’s true that all the cool little galleries that are the life’s blood of art in New York go quiet for the summer, you have no excuse for missing the amazing museum blockbusters coming up this summer. Read on, and learn.

Summer Film Preview: There is nothing quite like a warm summer evening, a cold beer, and a 40-foot high projection of Audrey Hepburn in front of you. Sigh. Read on for all the big summer releases (in case you crave air conditioning), along with the more important outdoor screening line-up.

Summer Music Preview: New York City has the best free outdoor summer music in the entire world. Better than France, better than China, even better than Spain. So don’t miss it.

Summer Theater Preview: Outdoor summer theater used to be king in this town (we’re looking at you, Shakespeare in the Park)… But even though it has to share the stage with music and film now, it’s still cool. We promise.