Yo, You Know Who’s Old? Aerosmith.

06/23/2009 10:41 AM |

f2a0/1245767437-aerosmith-crazy-1.jpgThe Village Voice‘s Camille Dodero offers her take on the recent announcement that Aerosmith will be performing Toys in the Attic in its entirety at two upcoming area shows—next week at Jones Beach and in September at Madison Square Garden—which is essentially that because the record only contains nine songs, two of which (“Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion”) are live staples anyway, it’s sort of a copout. I’m perfectly willing to accept this argument, but would like to add to it that Aerosmith is still trying to board a ship that has mostly sailed: It is time, Steven Tyler, to do Get a Grip in its entirety instead, to appeal to the portion of your fanbase that was reasonably certain you were a cool young band from Seattle in 1993. And it’s time, Steven Tyler, to have Alicia Silverstone and your daughter, Liv, come out on stage to reenact the plot of the “Crazy” video, however creepy that may be.

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