A Project We Can All Get Onboard: Manhattan Airport

07/21/2009 4:21 PM |

41ac/1248205960-manhattanair.jpgIf, like me, you’ve ever missed a flight from JFK because the subway ride out took two hours instead of one and a half hours, you’ll be happy to hear about The Manhattan Airport Foundation‘s plan to turn Central Park into an airport. Thankfully, the plan, renderings (like the one seen at right) and foundation are totally fake, but the project makes for some great reading. For instance, from the group’s site:

Amazingly, there is still a large, undeveloped and underutilized site in the center of New York City. In fact, this site has remained undeveloped for so long that many of us forget it even exists. It’s called Central Park. Ask most New Yorkers when was the last time they visited it. Statistically that number is fewer than one visit per person per year. But how many times did those same New Yorkers go the airport?

It’s like a really good Onion article turned into a lobbying group or something. You can also donate money to have a bench named after you in the future terminal.

(via Curbed)