America’s Next Top… Contemporary Artist?

07/20/2009 3:15 PM |

9fe3/1248116091-bobross.jpgOver the weekend, the latest in a series of auditions was held at West Village art gallery White Columns for an upcoming (unnamed) reality TV show that hopes to mint America’s next big art star. The Saturday morning casting call, as reported by the Times, had some 150 aspiring artists from all over the country lining up for a chance to be on the Bravo TV show being produced by Sarah Jessica Parker (what?). The winners get a gallery show, a cash prize and a sponsored national museum tour. So far the only confirmed judge is Simon de Pury, head honcho at art auction house Philips de Pury & Company. Obviously, the concept of lumping all kinds of arts (photography, video, painting, performance, sculpture, etc.) and artists (recent MFA grads, lifelong middle-brow artists, hobbyists, four year-olds, etc.) onto one TV show platform seems absurd, but I can’t guarantee I won’t watch whatever comes out of the process. And, incidentally, what should this show be called, commenters? I’m going with “The Art Is Right.”