Another Person Thinks Hipsters Are The Worst, Isn’t Good Enough at Writing to Explain Why

07/30/2009 4:47 PM |

Dirty Projectors, Bitte OrcaSorry I haven’t been posting in the past couple days. I’ve been sitting at my desk for 24 hours straight, eyes held open with tape, trying to figure out what in the name of christ Quietus writer Mimi Haddon is talking about in this bullshit article, Dirty Projectors & The Curse Of Brooklyn’s Hipster Ephemera. Her point, allegedly, is that Dirty Projectors “stand for everything that’s wrong with the hipster mentality.” She finds them sexless, I’ve gathered, which I think a few members of each gender might take issue with. She thinks the line, “Is everything under the sun just a crazy, crazy dream” sums up the “indulgent apathy of swathes of youth,” even though that doesn’t make any sense. The problems are endless, really. In an attempt to explain how the Dirty Projectors example carries over into other Williamsburg bands, all she can come up with is Bear Hands, School of Seven Bells and, ooooh… er, Vampire Weekend?

Some day soon, people will stop writing these articles. There is a reason no smart person has ever tried to write one.

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