Former Olympian Now Has Meth Mouth

07/07/2009 10:03 AM |

b97a/1246940276-nicole_bobek.jpg For the first time ever, something kind of tacky, even trashy, has erupted from the elegant and sophisticated world of figure skating, and I just don’t even know what to say.

Former US champ and 1998 Olympian Nicole Bobek has been charged as an accomplice in a North Jersey drug ring (with a — surprise — focus on methamphetamine). Bobek, now 31, was always seen as a very talented but troubled skater (pictured at right, Ms. Bobek during happier, classier times), and the world now awaits her mug shot so it can create one of those unpleasant before and after meth comparisons (I still think some of the “afters” look better, or at least cooler). No word yet on how this arrest will affect Ms. Bobek’s plans to seek the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination.

Keep on truckin’ sad America!

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