Hipsters Worried That More Aggressive, Dirtier Strain of Hipsterism is Going to Ruin Williamsburg

07/16/2009 5:01 PM |

2b47/1247776738-hooverville.jpg The crusty punks have finally made it to Williamsburg! Unlike the gentrifying pattern of the Lower East Side (aka the East Village) which went artist/junkies, crusty/huffers, yuppy/alcoholics, Williamsburg has kind of gone artist/alcoholics, hipster/cokeheads, yuppy/artisanal beercoholics. Lately, though, a cluster of crusties has been whooping it up around the Bedford stop, panhandling, playing with their dogs and trying to bum cigarettes. And some of the “locals” (who displaced one set of locals, who themselves displaced another set of locals, and so on forever…) are NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

FreeWilliamsburg led us to the inevitably peevish, entitled thread at Williamsboard, with all the usual brilliance about personal hygiene and suburban trash ruining New York and all the other things that most people moronically generalize about Williamsburg hipsters themselves… Ugh. It’s just one long cycle of isolating the “other” as an easily dehumanized group, not allowing for the fact that every given cultural set contains dickheads. And yes, crusty punks do constitute a cultural set, with signifiers and everything! (Mandatory slap on the wrist to FreeWilliamsburg for calling these kids a “nasty infestation.” Fuck that, I don’t care how irritating your walk home from the subway is, do not refer to groups of people as insects. Very bad things happen, right here in New York, when one particular group is so blithely marginalized.) Also, the internet is mean and some of my best friends are crusties, so fuck all y’all and gimme a cigarette.

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  • kudos,
    this is nyc, i dont know if all these trustifarians know what it used to be like.. it shur as shit wasnt like the disney world we got now, and honestly ill take crust kids over rich kids anyday.
    how do you think all the Dominicans in the south wburg area felt about all there rent getting raised and drunk rowdy hipster DB’s making noise all night in their neighborhood? people cant take reverse gentrification.
    your all pussies GFY

  • The dominican community is just breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that the crusties have arrived…

  • yeah, well what more would you expect from a website (Freewilliamsburg) that’s really only good for its restaurant listings?

    quick! it’s the other! they’re white, but don’t work 12 hours a day to afford their iPhone contracts! tweet! they do stuff instead of just blogging about it! run them out of town! gypsies!

    pathetic whiners. i’d rather deal with herds of crusties than the phone-screaming, self-satisfied williamsburg bloggers braying about where to slake their bloated appetites any day.

  • curious: how do the crusties help the dominicans with their white people problem? are the crusties expected to run them out of town? how will this positively change the area for the dominican community?