Identify Your Favorite L Magazine Staffer as Rendered in That Awesome Mad Men Web App Thing

07/28/2009 10:30 AM |


Well, will you look at this… the folks behind Mad Men‘s marketing efforts actually had a good idea, for once. As I’m sure you saw yesterday, they released this Mad Men Yourself web application, and it’s probably the best thing ever. Unsurprisingly, a handful of our staffers spent much of the day trying to (sorta) faithfully recreate themselves. Then the art department photoshopped the results into a bar. And now you’re going to try guess who’s who.

Pictured, you’ve got, in no order:

Lauren Beck — Editorial Asssistant
Benjamin Sutton — Contributing Editor
Cecilia Ziko — Art Director
Mike Conklin — Music Editor
Lauren Savit — Assistant to the Publisher
Mark Asch — Film Editor
Henry Stewart — Editorial Assistant
Jonny Diamond — Editor-in-Chief

Your job is to match each name with the corresponding letter from above, in the comments, of course.

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