Raymond Chandler Had a Cameo in Double Indemnity, We Are Just Now Figuring Out

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07/16/2009 2:52 PM |

bfa8/1247770207-chandlerdoubleindemnity.jpgIt has taken, apparently, not quite 65 years for anyone to notice what is perfectly evident in the still pictured: Raymond Chandler made a cameo appearance as “Guy Sitting Reading While Fred MacMurray Walks By” in Double Indemnity, which he co-wrote, adapting James M. Cain’s novel, with director Billy Wilder.

Why did it take so long for anyone to notice? (Not that I ever did, in my I think three-ish viewings of the film.) That’s obvs Raymond Chandler there. It’s not like he’s in a dress or anything.

Check back in 65 more years for exclusive stills of James M. Cain’s cameo.