Reality Bit, Huh?

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07/09/2009 11:51 AM |

summerscreen_realitybites.jpgSo, thanks to the several thousand of you who braved the long bathroom line at Turkey’s Nest (we’ll have port-o-potties by next week’s Evil Dead II screening, promise) to come to eat, drink, listen to music, and then settle in and watch Reality Bites at last night’s Summerscreen kick-off.

Reality Bites being a movie very close to my heart, it was really rewarding to see several thousand people being as into it as they were; the whole experience, really — people inside and outside the chainlink, sneaking in or not sneaking in food and drink — was pretty exciting and made The L Magazine’s collective heart grow three sizes with pride. You can check out photos on our Facebook page, or, if you’re lazy, wait for Andrea to post a slideshow right on this here blog; if you took any pictures yourself, let us know with a comment, an email or a Tweet.

See you next week…

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  • Wait, is food not allowed or something? Cause I am definitely going to Evil Dead 2.

    Also, I wasn’t there last night, but is it OK to say that the Ben Stiller character in that movie is actually a much, much better person than the Ethan Hawke character?

  • No. No it is not.

    I’ve talked about this with many people.

    Deciding after all these years that Noni made the wrong choice means, essentially, that your heart is a cold dead place.

  • Even if it’s more about Hawke’s character being the kind of massive douchebag I would never want to hang out with more than Stiller’s character being great (although he seems like a totally reasonable person).

    I think this is kind of like when you watch RENT a bunch of years later and while you can still appreciate the songs and energy, you’re also kinda like, wait, so, they’re mad about not being allowed to live someplace for free?!

    Except I kinda always thought that about Reality Bites. It took me several years to like Hawk in anything ever again (though: that one-two late-nineties punch of Gattaca/Great Expectations… good show, lad).

  • (To elaborate, I think we’re supposed to make allowances for the fact that they both have a lot of growing up to do. Getting older than the characters means that we’re supposed to cringe at/be wistful over them — and the 90s in general — instead of thinking that they’re super-cool. And part of that is making allowances for their immaturity, rather than shaking one’s head at how that hot coffee-shop philosopher is actually kind of a prick.)