Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen is in Jeopardy! Run Lassie, Get Help!

07/28/2009 4:49 PM |

hot dogs, beer.jpg We just got word from the fine folks over at Living Liberally (you know, the dudes who organize Drinking Liberally) that venerable Hell’s Kitchen dive Rudy’s (you know, the one with the free hot dogs) is perilously close to shutting down because of a stop-work order from the dastardly mustache twirlers over at the DOB. It’s something to do with a fire escape in the backyard garden, but the crux of the matter is Rudy’s is losing tons of business because of the backyard shut down. This sucks. You should head here IMMEDIATELY and sign a petition to help prevent a local institution from closing and being replaced by a Duane Reade. Seriously. Do it or you are a jerk.

One Comment

  • Let’s show those dastardly mustache twirlers we mean business.

    Come out to Drinking Liberally every Thursday night (7:30) at Rudy’s on 45th and 9th, get yourself a delicious Rudy’s Red, a hot dog, and sign that petition– and support local business!