07/08/2009 4:00 AM |

Superdive, 200 Avenue A


Superdive has crash-landed in Alphabet City, showering its corner of
Avenue A in rough, raucous, booze-soaked pandemonium. Keg service is
on: email Kegmaster Matthew to reserve a barrel of brew for between
$400 and $600, have it tapped for you and carted over to your table in
a kegerator on wheels. Go behind the bar and pour yourself a party cup
of whiskey if you want — well drinks are six bucks. Seriously
guys, this place is nuts.

It’s a jet-fueled dive: no bar I’ve ever been to lets you hang out
behind the bar, stick your hands in the ice bucket and pour yourself
well drinks. The bartenders don’t seem to mind all the people pouring
and dancing and hitting on girls in their space, though. They’re like
bartenders at a dive you’ve been going to for ten years — buying
rounds, making up drinks, pretending your late night rambling makes
sense. East Village nightlife needed something like Superdive to come
along. It’s a huge, loud, blown out version of a really gross bar
— the polar opposite of the $12 cocktail spot.

It’s prettier than your average East Village hole, too. The space is
clean and well laid out, with enough room to dance when the lights get
low around 11pm. The patrons are prettier too. People are still going
into the bathroom in groups of four, but they’re distinctly
post-corporate. No one looks like they’re going to start a knife

On a Tuesday night the place was full but not uncomfortably so, with
an open iPod blasting a mix of classic rock, dance beats and songs from
the Clueless soundtrack. Bartenders Alex and Jennifer were
slinging $5 draughts and $15 pitchers, along with a few dirty mixes
like the “Red Mexican,” a blend of tequila, Red Bull, and OJ ($9).
They’re still feeling things out, so they ran out of a few things
like Maker’s Mark and lime juice early in the evening; but they
were honest and apologetic about it and they gave us a round of
kamikaze shots, so we forgave them. Manager Keith Okada flung himself
up on the bar to tell us about what’s coming in the near future ($1 PBR
machine! Five liter mini-barrels! Metal karaoke!). Okada came up with
the idea for the bar (“What if you could get like, keg service?”)
— he wanted to create a space where anyone could buy enough cheap
beer to get, shitfaced in three hours. He did it. Superdive is a party:
a place to drink a lot and get wasted and say things you’ll regret in
the morning, but not without a smile on your face.

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  • Oh man. I totally judge a bar based on whether they play songs from Clueless. Cheap beer doesn’t sound too bad either.

  • Wait until someone gets sexually assaulted or raped there, I’d like to see if you’d still give this a good review (and let’s not hope it doesn’t have to come to that for the place to close)

    Also, would you still give this bar a favorable review if Superdive were in your neighborhood?

  • Yeah, I live literally next door and this place sucks. It feels like the frat that is stuy town threw up on the east village. Its a bad scene. But if you are 1. a douche guy 2. the girl who likes you or 3. still wearing your collar with an erection, then this place is for you. It belongs in murray hill, if that helps describe it. Oh and it’s no dive, parties are booked through October so you can’t come in and hang out if you like. Gotta be on the list.

  • Wow. To whoever made the comment about a girl getting raped there, that is a very twisted way to convey your dislike for an establishment. As for the neighbor that hates the place, I went there for a friends birthday and every time we stepped outside the manager or some door guy told us to be quiet and herded us into neat lines quoting how they wanted to take care of the neighbors. ASIDE from that, we had a great time and thanks to being able to buy mini kegs and having the employees buy us a shot if they so much as bumped us walking by, we did so on the cheap.