The Art Gallery in the Sky You’ll Never Get Into

07/30/2009 11:42 AM |

Jeff Koons, Sutton Place, art gallery, rooftopThis morning’s rooftop mystery over at Curbed, spurred by the picture at right, was solved by some astute commenters who quickly recognized the oddly inimitable Pop Art work of Jeff Koons on the penthouse balcony of 1 Sutton Place South (where, obviously, I should be given an honorary apartment). One commenter also speculates that the dotted white wall might be one of Damien Hirst’s Spot Paintings, which would make this the city’s most expensive semi-permanent outdoor art installation since Olafur Eliasson’s Waterfalls project last summer. It also makes me wonder what other highly visible and frustratingly private art installations occupy the city’s rooftops. Any hunches, commenters? (Bonus points for art on buildings or above streets that share a name with an L Mag staff-member.)

One Comment

  • you got me stumped. Only one that comes to mind is Lenin and the clock on top of that building in the village. that’s on Houston though…