The Lorax To Become Next Seuss Book Ruined By Movies

07/29/2009 11:03 AM |

Danny DeVito, LoraxNews come via Variety today that beloved environmental horror story The Lorax, originally published by American writer and cartoonist Dr. Seuss in 1971, will be arriving on the big screen as a 3D computer animated feature film from Universal on March 2, 2012 (mark your calendars!). Of course, the real story here is that rather than go the live-action route that How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Cat in the Hat took, Universal is doing like Horton Hears A Who! did last year and foregoing real actors. That seems like a huge cop-out, given how many actors would be great for the part of the Lorax, like Danny DeVito, rendered with Lorax ‘stache at right. Click through the jump for a couple more of my live-action Lorax fantasies.

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg, Lorax

Jodie Foster (because it would be absurd to ascribe a gender to a fictional character who is essentially sexless)

Jodie Foster, Lorax

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