The New Jay-Z Single Would Be Better if Jay-Z Wasn’t On It

07/27/2009 10:44 AM |

Jay-ZI know I’m a bit late on this, but internet access is annoyingly hard to come by in emergency rooms. Jay Z’s new single, “Run This Town,” leaked, and it features Rihanna and Kanye West so prominently that if forced to guess which of the three performers’ full-length it would appear on, you’d probably guess wrong. Twice. Rihanna gets a pretty strong hook, which she sings the shit out of, and Kanye, continuing his long tradition of being kinda awesome as long as you’re not being forced to listen to him for an entire album, makes Jay sound like he’s not even trying.

Listen here, and don’t feel too terribly bad about laughing at Kanye’s “no homo” line.