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07/08/2009 4:00 AM |

BEST USE OF GOD’S OLD HOUSE (‘Cause He’s Long Gone…)

Gotham Greens

While the P.S. 6 kiddies learn about ecology, Gotham Greens, who
last brought you greenhouses on a boat, are kicking it up a notch: they
just won New York’s Green Business Competition with their plans for a
garden in Jamaica, Queens, on the roof of a church. “Won’t that just
use a lot of power?” No! It’ll have solar panels! “Well, it couldn’t
produce that much food.” Wrong! They plan to produce 30 tons of
produce. “That’s a lot of food; won’t that require a lot of our water?”
No! It’s using captured-rainwater irrigation. “Great, more gas-guzzling
trucks driving food around.” It’ll be delivered by vans running on
biodiesel! “Wow, it’s really hard to be cynical about this project.”
Yes, it is. (Until you hear evil corporation Whole Foods plans to be a
major buyer.)


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  • I work for Green Spaces in Brooklyn ( ). We put on the Green Business Competition ( ) mentioned with Gotham Greens, a client of ours, in the “Best use of God’s Old House”.

    Check the links!

  • Nice article I interned for an eco-friendly auction/swap site . We participated in the Go Green Expo in April (in the Hilton Hotel ) , wish our website would have been nominated .

  • Time’s Up rocks! I personally volunteer with this group and it’s amazing how much they get done with only volunteers and a very small budget. You can truly see the positive changes all over the city. Time’s Up definitely deserves this award after all of it’s long hard work and it’s nice to see they are finally being recognized. Thank you Time’s Up for making my New York City a more environmentally friendly place.

  • Check out my blog , I’m a teen trying to help the world and inform myself and others of the importance that being green can do .
    I think it’s awesome that people are trying to do the right thing in the green scene .