Where to Get the Most for Your Restaurant Week Dollars

07/24/2009 10:48 AM |

Restaurant WeekIt’s that time of year again. NYC’s biannual Restaurant Week never fails to cause a stir in this here city, perhaps even more so this year, what with our fucked economy and all. The $35 price tag (for a three-course dinner) means you afford to eat at a fancy restaurant, like, every night until July 31st. Or, if you’re an intern like me, maybe you’ll think about going to one and ultimately cancel your reservation because you don’t want to overdraw from your checking account.

In any event, $35 is more of a deal at some Restaurant Week participants than others. A lot of the prix-fixe menus (okay, all of them) are dumbed-down to match the discounted price. So, is it worth it? Without further adieu, let’s take a look at some promising Restaurant Week options, as well as the places to avoid.

Best Bets:
Bar Boulud only has a lunch menu for RW (which is $24.07, by the way), but with entrée choices like Coq au Vin and Moules Belges, who gives a shit?

Aquavit — because Restaurant Week prices provide the perfect opportunity to get over your fear of herring, without feeling guilty if you discover you hate it.

Lure Fishbar seems to have a generous RW menu with a lot of choices — and you can get a half dozen Malpeque oysters as an appetizer!

Click through to find out where you shouldn’t spend your Restaurant Week savings.

Best to Avoid:
Japonais has a mandatory 20% gratuity for everyone eating the RW menu, which apparently isn’t made clear until you receive the bill (courtesy of Eater.) Also, one of their appetizer options is a “Mixed Green Salad, served with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, in a mustard seed-honey dressing.” Clever.

Ruth’s Chris has locations in pretty much every city in America. Not exactly a special New York experience.

Salute! wins for the most uncreative Restaurant Week menu. You can get a Caprese salad as an appetizer and then have a “Warm pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes, and parmigiano.” Isn’t that essentially the same thing?

For a full list of Restaurant Week participants, click here.