Your 2012 Presidential Campaign Has Officially Begun

07/16/2009 3:33 PM |

Hey everyone, it’s time to pay attention to Nate Silver again, as we get ready for the long, slow, excruciating, obfuscating, feculent circus that is presidential politics in America. Obviously, Sarah Palin’s little 3rd of July ice capade got tongues a-wagging, but now we have our very first poll. Seriously, a fucking presidential opinion poll. Fuck. I’m exhausted already. Nauseated. Sad. The first poll. Here we go. Damn it. Fuck me. I can’t take this. Fuck.


I suppose I should tell you that one in four Republicans favor Robo Mitt Romney as their presidential nominee, giving him a slight lead over ex-Governor Snowmobilia, with ex-Fat Governor Huckabee coming in third (who’s just happy to be hanging around the race, gosh darnit). The party of Lincoln, ladies and gentlemen, and its brightest lights.

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