A Streetcar Named DUMBO

08/05/2009 10:39 AM |

streetcar, BrooklynAccording to a piece published yesterday in the Brooklyn Eagle, the city’s Department of Transportation has just begun a feasibility report for a plan to create a streetcar system in Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhoods. As a cyclist who regularly almost crashes when riding over the old trolley tracks in Dumbo (one of the neighborhoods where the hypothetical streetcars would go), I can confirm that the infrastructure is pretty much already there.

Red Hook is reportedly also being evaluated for possible streetcar service, and the plan is geared towards these and similar waterfront Brooklyn nabes where subway and bus service is lacking. What other BK ‘hoods could use trolley service?

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  • Restored trolley service has been thrown about for at least a decade; I myself wrote a piece about streetcars and Coney Island for a local paper a year or two ago. (http://baycurrents.net/BCpdf/BCV4N8.pdf ; pg. 7) I’d be surprised if this time it was for real. Bob Diamond, in the Eagle piece, is one of the major figures in Brooklyn trolleys; the other is Arthur Melnick. The two had a falling out (http://talk.nycsubway.org/perl/read?subtal…) some time ago, which I’m sure doesn’t help the streetcar movement.

    Anyway, trolleys are very environmentally friendly, so it’d be great to see them running all over Brooklyn, from DUMBO and Red Hook through Coney Island and Canarsie. Maybe they could finally connect the neighborhoods of southern Brooklyn, where all transit point north-south and nothing points east-west.

  • A trolley that goes express from Bensonhurst to Dumbo.