Atlanta’s Mayoral Candidates Are Crazier Than New York’s

08/19/2009 11:41 AM |

We’ve taken some pleasure making light of the unusual candidates in New York City’s upcoming mayoral election, but none are as terrifyingly nutty as Atlanta mayoral candidate and Irish pub operator Rufus Terrill. As he’ll explain to you in this video, Terrill will make Atlanta’s crack addict-overrun streets safe again with his home-made, remote-controlled robot, which is equipped with a live video feed, loudspeaker, water hose and stealth paint job. Criminals and rapscallions everywhere will tremble with fear in the face of Terrill’s 21st century Robocop:

This will be really useful after the nuclear holocaust when we’re all stuck in bomb shelters, but for now it seems more likely that Terrill will use it to watch his neighbors having sex.

(Archinect via GOOD)