Betty from Mad Men IS Anne Sexton

08/17/2009 10:40 AM |

So yes, it’s hard to breathe this morning without breathing in Mad Men talk (on the elevator, in the quiet car coming down from Poughkeepsie, on the IRT, etc.), so I’m taking this opportunity to show you this amazing video of great depressed American lady poet Anne Sexton. Why? Because Anne Sexton was a gorgeous, smart, deeply repressed American housewife type — basically, she was Betty Draper. After having a kind of nervous breakdown, Sexton started seeing a therapist (just like Betty Draper!) who suggested she write poetry as a way of coping with the de facto imprisonment of her suburban existence (except it didn’t really work in the end… she killed herself). The bonus was that her poetry was really good. Watch the video below, and then watch The Carousel scene from Mad Men, and then have a good cry in the bathroom.

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