Cast of Mad Men Loves Wilco, Sucks at Making Mixes

08/04/2009 1:23 PM |

c4e3/1249406537-2647996796_ec484f0e6a.jpgWith the season premier of Mad Men now less than two weeks away, the cast is in full-on promotional mode. And today, iTunes has made available celebrity playlists from January Jones (Betty), John Hamm (Don), John Slattery (Roger) and Elizabeth Moss (Peggy). The full lists, along with commentary from the actors, can be found here. If you’re too busy to click though, here’s what you need to know:

Except for January Jones, the entire cast loves Wilco. Two of them even broke the cardinal rule of mix-making and used multiple Wilco songs. Not a good look.

January Jones‘ favorite band is Tears for Fears.

She also loves “Climbing Up the Walls” by Radiohead, because it reminds her of when she was 19 years old and living alone in Paris, which sounds like just about the hottest thing ever.

Elizabeth Moss likes Sigur Ros so much that she used two of their songs. (She’s also one of the two who used Wilco twice). How does this happen to people?

John Slattery likes Clem Snide—and not even that “Moment in the Sun” song, but a little-known track from the “Beautiful” EP. This is awesome.

John Hamm knew enough to go with only one Wilco song, even thought they’re his favorite band. He did, however, include an Uncle Tupelo song. And “Scenario,” which is dope.

Cast Member who could get work as a music writer? John Hamm. His blurb for “Scenario” reads “Not only were these unassuming guys from Queens super-laid-back and cool with their jazz-heavy samples (in an era of Public Enemy and BDP-style militant politicizing and West Coast N.W.A. Gangsta-ism), they also introduced Busta Rhymes to his widest audience yet. Well-played all around.

Cast Member who probably couldn’t, unless she dressed like Betty for her job interview: January Jones. About a track by Carla Bruni, she says, “I really hope she continues making music, even though she’s now the first lady of France. I love her voice, and this song just puts me in a light, happy mood.

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