Christie’s, Auctioneer of Expensive Art, is Moving to Red Hook

08/25/2009 11:58 AM |

62 Imlay Street in Red Hook

Well, moving is a rather loaded word, more like putting all their stuff in storage there. Either way, after droves of artists and speculative gentrifiers, Christie’s, the Uptown auction house that specializes in selling the work of rich and famous artists to rich and famous people announced yesterday has decided to turn an empty Red Hook factory into a high-tech storage facility. The retrofitted facility is slated to open in January, 2010 at 62 Imlay Street (pictured), and will feature all manner of private viewing rooms, climate control systems and elaborate security apparatuses.

Beyond the obvious class-based incongruities of planting a pile of “high” art in a low-income neighborhood, the Times does a good job of pointing out the weird trend of turning old manufacturing hubs into ideal storage facilities for one of today’s most valuable commodities (and art storage company is doing something similar at the Brooklyn Navy Yard), and the backdrop of an economy still adjusting to its transition from industrial to post-industrial. No words yet on whether Christie’s will hire locals to work in the facility (like Ikea), or offer tours to the public.