Deitch Projects Is Winning the Summer

08/05/2009 1:12 PM |

0c4f/1249487598-bac_install_3.jpgWalking through the streets of West Chelsea on Saturdays in summer is really eerie, with virtually every gallery either closed or observing “summer hours” (ie. Monday to Friday, noon to 5pm). Down in Soho, though, Deitch Projects has been cold killin’ what little competition there’s been all summer long. First it was their huge show out on the Long Island City waterfront (Pig, which closes Sunday, and you should really see), now they’ve organized a new mural by Os Gemeos (at Bowery at Houston), a Dash Snow memorial that’s a lot like a mini-retrospective with feeling and Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman’s incredible installation Black Acid Co-op (pictured).

Lowe and Freeman’s piece (which is about 200 feet from the Dash Snow memorial) is a giant network of rooms accessible via holes punched through their adjoining walls. One resembles a meth lab, another is a kitschy museum, the basement houses a Chinatown-style pharmacy and walking up a log cabin staircase you’ll end up in what looks like a North California commune. You’ll have to sign a release form on the way in, but the weird mix of architecture, installation, sculpture and performance that awaits inside is completely worth risking a few bumps on the head as you step from a suburban living room into a crack den. Don’t miss the Dash Snow memorial and Black Acid Co-op (both close August 15), they’re easily among the best shows of the year.