Howard Dean Goes Inside Baseball to Explain How Obama Will Keep the Public Option in the End

08/19/2009 2:49 PM |

So, I’m really not accustomed to getting much out of MSNBC’s Morning Joe beyond a few chuckles at Joe Scarborough’s dimwitted faux conservative wonder at the evilness of Democrats (and his potty mouth!). But they had Dr. Howard Dean on the other morning and he dropped some mad science about “losing the public option” in the Senate version of the bill. Maybe because I am a foreigner in this great nation of yorn, I hadn’t been too clear on the whole reconciliation of House and Senate bills… now I know, and you will too after watching the video below. HOORAY! (Also, a very canny little post at TNR about how getting the further left part of the Democratic Party all pissed off has very nicely shifted this whole debate back to actual middle ground.)