It Came From Brooklyn… Then Doubled in Price for No Apparent Reason

08/14/2009 12:00 PM |


Sound of the City‘s Zach Baron is wondering why tickets to tonight’s “It Came From Brooklyn” show at the Guggenheim, featuring the Walkmen, High Places and author Colson Whitehead, cost a whopping $40 for members and $45 for everyone else. And now I am too. Is it because museums are super fancy? It must be because museums are super fancy.

The relevant snippet from Baron’s original post:

Not covered in the interview is why the event costs $40-$45 dollars. You can see High Places or the Walkmen on a pretty regular basis in this city for ten or twenty dollars; Whitehead, when he reads in public, usually does so for free. If this is a benefit for the Guggenheim, they’re keeping that fact very much on the DL. Beyond a throwaway comment from Keenan about how events at the Museum “are crucial for the purposes of community-building and fundraising, all the more so during an economic downturn,” there’s no indication of why the ticket price is so high. Ditto for the Guggenheim’s own site. We’re less outraged than confused. Why is this event so incongruously expensive? Anybody know?

So, yeah, what he said, but with slightly more outrage than confusion, frankly.

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  • wow, you really see the benefit of being a member with that $5 discount!

  • Just to add to this- their first friday dance party was free for members, $25 everyone else, according to their website. That is a good incentive to get a membership. This doesn’t make sense.

    Is anybody actually gonna go to this? I imagine 4 people will show up. I’m probably wrong…

  • The Animal Collective show in Prospect Park tonight is $37.00 when you factor in service and convenience charges. Why is the museum price so outrageous when you’re getting a cabaret style show for a few bucks more? Has anyone thought of production expenses on the museum’s side–surely not insignificant.

  • If events like this are going to be so pricey, there is no way that they are going to get a good turnout! If it was to benefit a good cause it might be different. I think everyone will agree that the ticket price is odd. There are so many other things to do in the city without spending $45. I’ll wait to see them for $10!