Jonnie Porkpie, New York’s “Mayor of Burlesque,” Wants To Be New York’s “Mayor of New York”

08/05/2009 5:33 PM |

On Monday night Jonny Porkpie, organizer of monthly burlesque night “Jonny Porkpie’s Bad Ideas” at Public Assembly in Williamsburg and self-described “Burlesque Mayor of New York,” announced that he would be running for actual mayor in the upcoming mayoral election. Whether or not he presents an actual threat to the city’s political establishment, this does represent a challenge to the winner of The L‘s “Best Stunt Mayoral Candidate” award, the Naked Cowboy. Clearly, some sort of nearly-to-entirely nude debate is in order. Maybe it’ll happen on September 14, when Jonny Porkpie has invited all the mayoral candidates to a debate at Public Assembly. Until then, here’s a video of your newest mayoral candidate dancing to Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance” at the Slipper Room: