New York Theater Now Has Twitter Guidelines

08/17/2009 11:18 AM |


The rules regarding Twitter are notoriously blurry (in relationship matters, for instance), but last week its use in the fast-paced realm of New York theater was the subject of much debate… on Twitter. So much so that the New York Times ArtsBeat blog picked up the story of Daryl Eisenberg, a casting director at Daryl Eisenberg Casting, who tweeted her reactions to auditions for an upcoming New York Musical Theater Festival production with such clever quips as “If we wanted to hear it a different way, don’t worry, we’ll ask” and “Theme song to FAMILY GUY. BEST song choice of the YEAR!”

While some of these comments are obviously more interesting and valuable than others, the Actors’ Equity Association intervened. After a meeting between Eisenberg and the AEA on Friday, it was concluded that tweeting during auditions was not okay, and the casting director issued a formal apology. So there: one debate over the appropriate uses of Twitter has been solved. Now onto the problem of critics live-tweeting their reactions to Off-Off-Broadway shows.