DJ Community Pays Tribute to DJ AM

08/31/2009 10:51 AM |


There’s a great post over at Sound of the City about the death of DJ AM. They compiled quotes from a dozen of so members of the NYC DJ scene, and it should be more than enough to quiet anyone who found themselves wondering if AM had been anything more than the guy who almost married Nicole Richie. My favorite quote is from Diplo.

“He was a straight up Djs dj, he picked his tracks to play out and had THE STYLE that defines our whole generation like it or not …and even if you didn’t like his style (which ranged from deep top 40 to deepest old school hip hop to deepest hipster indie rock).. he would come to your party and do what you do better than you (he did it to me coupla times).

Djs have a ceiling, and Am lived on the roof. He sometimes would tell me a bit about his reservations in passing about his lifestyle and I feel like its a loveless place we all live in (DJs). But I dont think we will ever see another person built for it like AM… he was THE Michael Jackson of this shit. So it really worries me a bit that he’s gone , cause he’s the only that I thought understood it all… he was a sweetheart and tried his damnest to be the best at it and still be the best at being himself.”