Recycling Your Worn Out Sex Toys

08/21/2009 11:51 AM |

recycling sex toys

More so than newspapers, plastic bottles, jars and cans (the things we usually think of recycling), sex toys are made of some really expensive materials, ones that it would be a shame to simply send to the dump. Instead, send them to the Sex Toy Recycling Program, a project launched last winter by Dreamscapes, a Florida-based company whose other main venture is an online sex toy store. For every package you send them you’ll received a $10 gift certificate towards a new sex toy at one of their affiliate retailers, and they’ll make sure your old toys are disposed of appropriately:

After undergoing a thorough cleaning, toys are inspected and sorted according to their material. The rubber, silicone, hard plastics, metal, e-waste and motors will be sent to recycling facilities that process the materials for reuse. Did you leave the batteries in? Don’t worry, we dispose of them responsibly.

Click here for more information and the Sex Toy Recycling Program’s mailing address.

(via Consumerist)

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