Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Impetus for Art-World Reality TV Show: Long-Buried Electra Complex

08/04/2009 11:43 AM |

57ee/1249396801-sarah_jessica_parker_by_mako_art.jpgTwo weeks ago there was a big hubbub in West Chelsea at a Saturday morning casting call for a Project Runway-style Bravo reality TV show, which aimed to find the next American art star. Weirdly, Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the producers involved in the as-yet unnamed show, and in a recent interview with ARTINFO she explained some of the motivations behind the program.

She mentions some very legitimate and benevolent causes, like the idea that the art community shouldn’t seem like some exclusive and prohibitive circle that’s somehow disconnected from the rest of the culture. The big revelation (after the jump) is the more troubling psychoanalytic implications of her emotional attachment to the project.

Parker explained:

“My husband [Matthew Broderick]’s mother was a great artist, a painter, and she is only now being discovered, since she passed away,” she says. “She spent her life in her work and was deeply entrenched in it, whether people were buying her work or not.”

In essence, then, this show is her attempt to fix her dead mother-in-law’s life, which is like something out of a Hitchcock melodrama. She also makes some comments about Readymade art (“That’s a hubcap! How can you say that’s better than this beautiful sculpture?”), and concludes that the show shouldn’t be shocking, just thought-provoking (why not both?):

“I don’t need it to be controversial,” she says, but “I want people to watch. I want people to talk about it.”

Still no word on when the show will air, or what it will be called, but rest assured that we’ll keep you informed. Click here to read the whole ARTINFO interview.

(image credit: maKo-art)