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Paul Newell

If not guts, it takes chutzpah to run a campaign against Sheldon Silver, the Speaker of the Assembly in Albany representing downtown New York; he’s been in office for over 30 years. But Paul Newell did just that last year, challenging the assemblyman in a primary. He lost, naturally, but more courageous citizens should be fighting to dislodge epically dysfunctional Albany politicos from their gerrymandered havens.
Reverend Billy
Similarly, we should be fighting harder to shake loose the billionaire oligarchs from City Hall; thank goodness, then, for the Reverend Billy, who’s campaigning electrically for mayor on the Green Party ticket. Billy might seem dismissable as schtick, but he’s surprisingly informed and articulate. Bill Thompson, the likely Democratic challenger, is an intelligent and composed politician, but city comptroller seems like the office Democrats dip into when they feel they can’t win the election. (Carl McCall, anybody?)


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  • Best name of a politician in The L Magazine’s Best Of NYC 2009– Anthony Weiner.

  • Your writer should get his facts straight before putting pen to paper. golisano is a NY resident, and has lived in upstate (do you even knbow where that is) for many, many years. He created a successful company that has created thousand of paying jobs in the Rochester area, and he regularly donates money to charity such as adding a children’s wing to a local hospital and buying computers for all the students in a Catholic high school. He has said he will move to Florida from NY, not to avoid his “fair share”, but because the writer’s friends implemented a tax increase just for people in his tax bracket.

  • According to every media source I can find, Golisano definitely moved to Florida; the Times calls it a “highly public move”. Google “Golisano florida” and you get lots of news stories:………

    etc. etc.

    Golisano WAS a NY State resident, as I’m well aware; I once voted for him for governor. No one is denying Golisano hasn’t given charitably, but the man is wealthy enough to pay taxes, donate, and live quite comfortably. (Maybe public schools could have computers if people like Golisano paid their taxes??) And so far, he’s used the money he saved in taxes by moving to shut down our government (not by doing good), EVEN THOUGH HE NO LONGER LIVES HERE. The guy’s a narcissist first, a philanthropist later.

  • What evidence do you have that he did not pay his taxes? He seems to think he paid $13k/day. And in May and June, when he was behind the “coup”? in Albany, some newspapers seemed to think he was from upstate. If you note the last article, he has donated considerably more over many years in NYS than he ever paid in income taxes here. I would expect that in the future, he will find it more interesting to donate in Florida rather than upstate.……{ts+%272002-04-08+11%3A47%3A21%27}