The Ongoing Resurrection of Vibe Magazine, Now with New Editor in Chief!

08/25/2009 1:48 PM |

Jermaine Hill, editor in chief of Vibe Magazine

The nearly never-ending saga that has been the death and improbable resurrection of Vibe Magazine got a little less murky yesterday, when the Times ArtsBeat reported that the hibernating publication had named a new editor in chief. Jermaine Hall (pictured), former editor in chief at King Magazine (which folded for real this year) and one-time music editor at The Source had also been webmaster at

After shutting down in June, Vibe is planning its first quarterly issue with Hall at the helm for November, though there’s still no word on Quincy Jones’ involvement. Says Brett Wright, the Vibe Lifestyle Network’s co-chief executive: “We haven’t spoken to Quincy. I’m sure at some point we’ll speak and figure it out from there.”