20 Must-See Fall Art Events

09/02/2009 4:00 AM |


Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir
Triskelion Arts, September 16-25
The latest clown theater production from Fools On Fire is just what it sounds like: a film noir narrative performed by clowns. Beyond manipulating some of our favorite genre conventions (two femme fatales are better than one), director Eric Davis also plays with gender (neither is female, and the token P.I. is a woman), not to mention the familiar subjects and stories of clown performance.

Comme Toujours Here I Stand
The Kitchen, October 1-10
Agnes Varda’s French New Wave classic Cléo from 5 to 7 (about a young singer dreading the results of a recent medical test) serves as the inspiration for Big Dance Theater’s new multimedia work that incorporates the film’s script into a play of moving walls, low-resolution video and colorful projections that aim to fuse theater and cinema.

My Life in a Nutshell
HERE Arts Center, October 8-25
The main actors in this play, something of a melodrama with excerpts from a sex farce, are all life-sized marionettes. Hanne Tierney guides this complex system of roughly 80 strings and joints to tell a story of love triangles and broken hearts overseen by the doting spectre of death.

Titus Andronicus
The Brick Theater, October 9-24
The first entry in DM Theatrics’ irreverent series, Grudge Match: DMT vs. Shakespeare, takes a machete to the Bard’s meaty story of the titular general’s cruelty, tragedy and slow-burning revenge. In their adaptation of this violent grudge match about breaking and subverting the rules of civility and propriety, DMT takes great pleasure in tearing apart the conventions of canonical theater.

The New Electric Ballroom
St. Ann’s Warehouse, October 27-November 22
One of the big winners at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe makes its American premier, offering New Yorkers another opportunity to catch the work of one of the most promising contemporary Irish playwrights, Enda Walsh. He directs Druid Ireland’s production of her story of two spinster sisters growing old in a small fishing village where, every night, they re-enact their wild escapade with a rock star one night in the 60s.

(photo credit: Eric Davis)