Brooklyn Couple Caught Selling Stolen Painting

09/14/2009 3:02 PM |

Thomas Crown Affair

Last month’s Uptown art theft caper that saw two artworks stolen from the Nicholas Roerich Museum and one returned shortly thereafter in the mail has come to a thrilling conclusion, replete with double agents, informants and a sting. Midwood, Brooklyn couple Denis Ryjenko and Natella Croussouloudis bragged to one too many friends about their hot new Roerich artwork and one of them turned informant on the couple and alerted the police.

Under the pretext of trying to set the couple up with a buyer, the informant put them in touch with a police officer posing as a gallerist. The Post reports that on September 3, the couple was nabbed outside a Starbucks on the Lower East Side where they had arranged to meet with the undercover officer to make the final exchange.


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