City’s Construction Sites Getting Prettier, Maybe

09/09/2009 2:57 PM |

New York City Sidewalk Shed

The City of New York has launched a design competition to create prettier sidewalk sheds, not unlike the Downtown Alliance’s Re:Construction project. Sidewalk sheds are the awkward and unpleasant scaffolds that surround construction sites for months if not years, and make life depressing for passing pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, tourists and more.

At any one time there are about 6,000 sidewalk sheds at construction sites throughout the city, and most of them are the same unsightly steel and blue, plastered with posters, graffiti and the like. The urbanSHED design competition is soliciting ideas for prettier, more humane and safe. All would-be urban makeover artists should get to work, though, the registration deadline is September 18. Click here for more on urbanSHED.