The Heroes and Villains of New York City

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09/30/2009 4:00 AM |


Joel Klein

Because Bloomberg isn’t this city’s only benevolent dictator, his Chancellor of the Department of Education is facing down the United Federation of Teachers for more flexibile, performance-based policies for hiring, firing, tenure and salary. You know, “accountability”–which sounds great, except for his draconian passive-aggression (Rubber Rooms!) and the fact that “performance” is measured, predominantly, through extensive standardized testing, which leads to teachers spending entire semesters “teaching the test” (before finally giving in and offering hand-me-down bubble-filling shortcuts: “If ‘homoeostasis’ is one of the options, pick it”), and (thanks, No Child Left Behind!) the outsourcing of valuable classroom hours, and untold resources, to “coaches” from for-profit corporations.

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  • they just lost their lease, and need to find another….preferably in the immediate neighborhood, for not much money…

  • Mayor Bloomberg is in the picture but there isn’t anything written about him, how come?

  • His editing staff is still next to impeccable. I think you meant savvy.

  • In terms of heroes and villains, you have both in what’s going on with the 1-2-3 Community Space. You’ve written about the heroes, but there is also a villain, or rather villains. You can read about them on a blog set up to chronicle the eviction of 1-2-3 by money-grubbing landlords (I know, that’s redundant).

  • I think Bloomberg is on the cover as he’s referred to in the Reverend Billy editorial.

  • Thanks GOD this jackass is being called out. I’m glad to see the villains behind the villains called out.

  • Graydon Carter is a villain because time and age has given him a different perspective in life? Prepare author, for you too will in time (and with age) join the ranks of ‘villains’ everywhere. Unless you’re just so closed minded as to never change.

    Also, when does libertarianism == ‘giving up’. That’s just reductionism.

  • You list Bloomberg as a villain but his traffic doyenne, Sadik-Khan, is a hero. And Billy Talen, no matter how well intentioned, is a clown.