It’s Official: Pavement to Play Central Park… In Just 53 Short Weeks

09/17/2009 11:02 AM |


Rejoice, khaki-clad former college radio DJs, for the rumors are now fact: Pavement have announced plans for a series of reunion shows in 2010, one of which will take place at Cenrtal Park on September 21. A presale for tickets begins here at 10am tomorrow, and the password is Zowee. The official on-sale date is the following Friday, September 25th. Of 2009, a full year ahead of time. Crazy. Tickets will also be available at the Nokia Theater box office and at Earwax Records in Williamsburg, for those of you who hate service charges. Good luck. And don’t sleep on it, because Matador Records assures us that “this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion,” which is almost definitely bullshit, but still…

UPDATE: Sound of the City is reporting that tickets will be priced at $38.50 and that Earwax will only have 100 available. So, you know, you should probably get on line now.

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  • It’s funny that THIS, of all things, caused my “Where will I be in a year?”
    crisis. But I’m buying tickets anyway.

  • Seriously? I just blew last month’s grocery money on Pixies tickets. What the hell, another 30 days subsisting on rice and lentils won’t kill me, right?