Kanye West is Now A Professional Wrestler Maybe

09/21/2009 5:22 PM |


This can’t possibly be true, but I do not care. A website called Media Takeout is reporting that Kanye West has been offered $10 million to appear at three WWE events.

September 21, 2009. Kanye’s outburst last week at the VMAs has caused a huge uproar, but it may have also brought about some unexpected opportunity.

According to reports sent by pro wrestling insiders to MediaTakeOut.com, Vince McMahon and the WWE have offered Kanye close to $10 million to show up at 3 events — two television appearances and one pay-per-view event.

Word is that if he accepts the offer, Kanye would have to do some “light wrestling.” And get this, MediaTakeOut.com is hearing that Kanye is seriously considering it.

That Vince McMahon is a genius. I know we’re not the only one who would pay big bucks to see Ye get drop kicked.

Again, probably not true, but they did such a good job photoshopping this image that I will play along for a minute. [via Daily Swarm]