Moving Cyclists from the Brooklyn Bridge Walkway to the Road?

09/29/2009 10:07 AM |

Biking on the Brooklyn Bridge

In an op-ed piece in Saturday’s Times, frequent commenter on cycling and transportation issues Robert Sullivan discussed the oft-mentioned, seldom seriously entertained idea of banning cyclists from the crowded Brooklyn Bridge walkway. As a devoted bike commuter who takes the bridge regularly he suggests that the ban is a good idea: wandering tourists, speedwalking workers headed to their Financial District offices, respectful bikers and the minority of hurried cyclists make for a dangerous mix that, among other things, fuels anti-cyclist sentiment in a city where ridership rates are booming.

For Sullivan, though, removing bikes from the walkway must be accompanied with the creation of protected bike lanes on the bridge’s roadway. Being someone who avoids biking over the Brooklyn Bridge at all costs for exactly the reasons Sullivan cites, this idea strikes me as an ideal solution and one that should probably be applied to most of the city’s bridges as ridership expands. Just to be sure, though, Gothamist has put the question to a vote so everyone can chime in on Sullivan’s unofficial proposal (which, so far, is winning). (Curbed)