New Downtown Art Park Opens on Lot Where Development Stalled

09/18/2009 9:12 AM |

Ryan Tabers Pompeys Folly

Score another point for those who maintain that the current recession is, in some perverse way, good for the arts: a new public park and art space opens today at Varick and Canal Streets, where the developer lending the space hoped to have built something by now. Instead, the art venue, appropriately dubbed LentSpace, will be curated by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as a space to display the work of established and emerging artists for the next three years.

From today onward the space will be open to the public from 7am until dusk (except during the winter months). The opening exhibition features a series of sculptures, installations and graphic design commissions curated by Adam Kleinman, including “Pompey’s Folly” by Ryan Taber (pictured). Click here for more details and a full list of the artists involved,