Popular New Cult of Michael Jackson Opening First Chapel in Williamsburg

09/10/2009 1:58 PM |

Rusel Parishs cult of Michael Jackson chapel in Williamsburg at Figureworks

Rusel Parish, painter of celebrities, keeper of I Heart MJ.com and chief curator of the fictional Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art, will become a cult leader tomorrow, when he opens the first Cult of Michael Jackson chapel right in the middle of Williamsburg.

The installation (pictured) is actually an exhibition of Parish’s paintings and sculptures of Jackson in the form of a chapel at the art gallery Figureworks at 168 North 6th Street. There will be a reception at the gallery at 6pm (no word on a costume contest, but we’ll be there with a glove on) followed by an after-party at Hope Lounge where you can commemorate MJ with ritualistic dances.

(via Free Williamsburg)

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  • Not to shame the King of Pop or anything, but does this remind anyone of Peter Griffin’s stint as High Holy Priest of the Church of the Fonz?

  • @Brianne: How dare you shame the King of Pop!? (Kidding, you’re right, that’s a very fitting pop culture inter-text; also, the episode of South Park in which the boys are converted to Blaintology, the cult of David Blaine.)

  • Blaintology and The Church of the Fonz are fictional- this is all too real! However, I would consider joining only because of the (somewhat) witty “10 Laws of the Boogie”, for #7 alone: “You shall not stop until you get enough.” The others try too hard to work, but I like 7’s simplicity.