Robert Lopez Isn’t a Starving Artist But He’ll Take Some Pecan Pie if You’re Offering

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09/03/2009 11:00 AM |

Robert Lopez is the author of Part of the World, a novel from Calamari Press. His fiction has appeared in dozens of journals, including Bomb, The Threepenny Review, New York Tyrant, etc. A new novel, Kamby Bolongo Mean River, will be published by Dzanc Books this month. He teaches at The New School, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University.

For our readers who may not be familiar with your work, what’s the most accurate thing someone else has said about it?
One review of Part of the World mentioned the “kaleidoscopic fractures of the narrator’s clouded mind.” That about covers it.

What have you read/watched/listened to/looked at/ate recently that will permanently change our readers’ lives for the better?
Fruitless Fall, by Rowan Jacobsen, concerning the collapse of the Honey Bee. Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago.

Whose ghostwritten celebrity tell-all (or novel) would you sprint to the store to buy (along with a copy of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius so that the checkout clerk doesn’t look at you screwy)?
James Gandolfini.

Have you ever been a Starving Artist, and did it make you brilliant, or just hungry?
I have a strange metabolism. Sometimes I can go all day without eating. When I do eat, though, I don’t kid around about it.

What would you characterize as an ideal interaction with a reader?
I loved your novel.
Thank you.
Would you like some pecan pie?

Have you ever written anything that you’d like to take back?
Yes. Any number of emails, for starters.