Ronald Reagan Was Completely Senile When He Was the President, You Know

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09/03/2009 1:35 PM |

Ted Kennedy’s coauthored memoirs had their release pushed up to this month, and the Times has skimmed them for the good parts. This is my favorite part:

[Kennedy] found the disengagement of Mr. Carter’s successor, Ronald Reagan, at times oddly charming, though at other times frustrating. The senator said it had been difficult to get Reagan to focus on policy matters. He described a meeting with him that he and other senators had sought to press for shoe and textile import limits.

The senators were told that they would have just 30 minutes with the president. Reagan began the meeting, the book said, commenting on Mr. Kennedy’s shoes — asking if they were Bostonians — and then talking for 20 minutes about shoes and his experience selling shoes for his father. “Several of us began conspicuously to glance at our watches.” But to no avail. “And it was over!” Mr. Kennedy said. “No one got a word in about shoe or textile quota legislation.”

Just remember that many, many millions of Americans think that America was never stronger, safer, more confident or truer in its purpose than when this piss-on-the-poor lightweight was President. These people, for the most part, have erotic thoughts about their grandfather every day.