Spider-Man Musical Maybe Still Happening

09/22/2009 4:19 PM |

Spider Man Mickey

Vulture offers a status update on the Julie Taymor-directed, Bono and The Edge-scored Broadway musical based on the Stan Lee comic Spider-Man set to make its debut on February 25 straight from the Taymor’s mouth: “We had funding and now there’s more funding. It’s all good. Tutto è bene!”

A little over a month ago it sounded as if the suddenly producer-less, massively over-budget and guaranteed financial disaster would never see the curtain rise. And of course there’s the claim that stars Evan Rachel Wood (Mary Jane) and Alan Cumming (Green Goblin) have been released from their contract, but whatever: if the director says it’s happening then it must be happening. (Maybe she got some friends from Disney, creators of her greatest Broadway success The Lion King and new owners of Marvel, to put up the missing cash.)

Update: In a recent profile in the Los Angeles Times, Alan Cumming also hints that the Spider-Man musical is still on track.

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  • This would definitely be a musical to see! I really only see it being a huge success or bomb though.. nothing really inbetween. Interested to see how this unfolds.