Sucks Being Gay: You Got Married (yay!) but Now You Can’t Get Divorced

09/23/2009 2:03 PM |

Gay marriage wedding cake topper

Jeez, not only have we learned that being a gay is basically like being an angry alcoholic Irishman with repressed urges to sleep with altar boys, but now some unhappy gay couples are learning that divorce is also a right that God intended only for penis-vagina couples.

Get this: Indiana couple goes to Toronto to get married (yay!); they soon realize maybe they’re not meant to be together (boo!); then the state of Indiana is all like, “We don’t recognize gay marriage so we don’t recognize gay divorce”; then Canada’s all like, “You gotta live here for a year to get a divorce” (which, like, who would ever do that?). So you see, marriage limbo! Here’s gay rights lawyer David Eppley’s money quote: “Divorce is one of the great benefits of marriage.” Zing! But also sad.