Talking to Four (Female) Irish Playwrights

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09/18/2009 1:00 PM |

Then you haven’t felt any resistance to your work, you’re equally reviewed, equally championed?
Belinda: It’s such a subjective thing as well. I know that Ursula Rani Sarma, who had a play here last year, feels really strongly about this issue and she’s very vocal on it. I just don’t really agree. I can only talk about it on a personal level. Whatever number of plays I’ve written has been taken on, and produced, and treated well. And I’ve always felt respected and that the people producing were doing their best to bring it to an audience.

It’s interesting that that’s just not something you’ve experienced. You’re not experiencing that in your careers.
Belinda: One of the plays being talked about most in Ireland is Little Gem, by Lane Murphy, which just won the big award at Edinburgh Fringe and won the Dublin Fringe last year…

George: ..and will be done by 1st Irish 2010.

Belinda: …it’s three female characters of different generations, very much a woman’s story… you’d think that a play by a young female playwright about women’s lives would be a prime target for narrow-minded or damaging criticism, but it hasn’t been in evidence. I’m trying to write a play at the moment and there are several other plays that I want to write and if I start talking about this that work won’t get done.

Will you expand these plays or work with these characters?
Belinda: Right now it’s self-contained, I don’t feel I want to make larger piece out of it, but it helped to unblock me in a longer play which is completely different. I wouldn’t be surprised if this character came back in some form.

Geraldine: I borrowed a character from a full-length play. If she does well here I’ll bring her on to greater things. If she behaves herself.

Lucy: I love writing radio, I’ve never written any film or TV but I love radio, it’s such a great medium. With my play The Luthierthere’s a little bit of classical music… I’ve been thinking it might work well on radio so I’m toying with the idea of doing something with it.