The L Magazine is in an Art Show!

09/18/2009 1:01 PM |

So, about a month ago The L was asked by “canvas to clothing” Brooklyn apparel company Seasick Mama to contribute a six-word story to an upcoming exhibition/party they were having. That party is happening tomorrow at mobile/modular Stand Alone Gallery in Williamsburg, from noon to 8pm (out front of Artists and Fleas, North 6th and Bedford). What exactly am I talking about? Well, the show is called Don’t Become the Things You Hate, and I’ll let Seasick Mama explain it:

In today’s contemporary recession, an industry that is struggling to survive is the print and magazine world. To reach out, Seasick Mama has asked almost a dozen magazines, bloggers, and other local favorites to express “how they survive” during this difficult time but… only in six written words. These poetic proclamations (some comical, some foul) will be beautifully printed on large-scale canvases, but also onto a limited edition series of t-shirts. Proceeds from the public’s support will benefit the pockets of the writers.

That’s right y’all, WE GOTS TO GET PAID. Fyi, our six-word story is a novel-in-dialog: “When do we panic?”
“Tomorrow afternoon.”

(Other contributors include Peru Ana Ana Peru, Article Magazine, Impose Magazine, Michael Fenster of Brooklyn Queens Roach Motel, Design for Mankind, Ins & Outs and The Worlds Best Ever.)